Marine & Drilling Support

Marine Support

Sellafield provides Marine Support Services such as:

Our engineering support services include:

  • Subsea Inspection
  • Subsea Surveys
  • Pipeline Mapping
  • Subsea Structure repairs
  • SURF Installation and Subsea Pipe installation

We intend to be a leading provider of integrated subsea services providing engineering, procurement, subsea construction, installation, specialist survey, inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) services in Nigeria.

Sellafield Energy has secured marine support service agreements for shallow in-shore operations and also for engineering and technology service offerings spanning all aspects such as:

  • API Flexible Risers
  • Flowlines & GMPHOM Marine Hoses
  • Offloading Systems
  • Mooring Systems
  • Marine & Subsea Engineering Systems

Drilling Support Services

Our drilling support services are strategically programmed to fit our client's requirements and objectives, with significant emphasis on safety and cost. We provide modern well engineering services that enhance the optimization of resources and activities, these include directional services, drilling optimizations services, digital pipe tally service and formation evaluation while drilling. We provide the following drilling support services:

  • Logging while Drilling (LWD)
  • Measurement while Drilling (MWD)
  • Treading of OCTG , Pipes & Accessories
  • Repair and Modification of Xmas Trees
  • Wellhead and Wellhead Components

Drilling Support Services

Recently, offshore drilling operations have moved move into waters beyond 10,000 feet, making systems, personnel and procedures critical to successful drilling operations. Our company provides a number of key personnel and disciplines that can handle this challenge, these include:

Drilling Management & Supervision

Drilling & Petroleum Engineering

Fluid & Cement Engineering

Well Testing & supervision

Completion engineering & supervision

Rig Operations, Stimulation & HSE Supervision