Marine Security and Technology

Operations in the maritime industry are deeply sensitive and ensuring offshore operations continue safely takes determined effort and high-level technology borne out of in-depth knowledge of all sea operations and vigilance.

We pride ourselves in incorporating innovative technology that enhances security enforcement without slowing down the flow of operations.

We provide full range of response to security services which include:

  • Intuitive Pointing Device (IPD) devices.
  • Vessel Monitoring & Alert System (VMAS).
  • Innovative Nautical Safety & Protection by Enhanced Autonomous Reconnaissance (INSPEAR) vessel.

Intuitive Pointing Devices (IPD)

Through our strategic partnership, we provide IPD devices that integrates the outstanding performances of human perception to bring Remote Weapon Systems (RWS)

RWS has crucial capabilities for instantaneous accurate Pre-Designation (3D coordinates and day/night imageries) of any air, surface or land residual threats.

This allows reactive target joining, designation and target acquisition.

Vessel Monitoring & Alert System (VMAS)

VMAS is 100% web-based client-server system that enhance improved knowledge of maritime situation and effectively supports maritime surveillance operations at multiple sites.

Using state-of-the-art radar and AIS data fusion, it has capacity to track and monitor up to 1,000 vessels, with local and regional control centers on-site and off-site backup systems.

Innovative Nautical Safety & Protection by Enhanced Autonomous Reconnaissance (INSPEAR)

With our partnership with SeaOwl France, we are guaranteed to provide INSPEAR vessel (Innovative Nautical Safety & Protection by Enhanced Autonomous Reconnaissance).

Designed to undergo missions of surveillance and protection in offshore fields, INSPEAR has in-built sensors and can be either teleoperated from a shore center or autonomously operated.

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